1. Inspirational and/or Bible Lectures, and Keynote Addresses (Schools and Organizations)

— 2. Motivational Talks, Seminars, & Conferences (Businesses, Corporations, Institutions, & Organizations)

— 3. Transformational & Revival Presentations (Churches, Religious or Spiritual Groups)

— 4. Mentorship and Internship Programs (Young Professional Groups)

— 5. Transformative Leadership Training Programs (All Groups)

— 6. ReachOut Programs, Across Borders Services, & Innovative Solutions** (All Groups)

** These embrace a wide diversity of practical, need-based services/programs-—educational, medical, spiritual, health and lifestyle, literature, prisons, music, community services, etc.

NOTE: In ALL our presentations, training programs, events and services, we seek to inculcate the values of excellence & simplicity, sacrifice & commitment, and personal responsibility, accountability, & spirituality.  Similarly, we strive to instill the same values in ALL the resources we produce or promote.