Chicken Leadership

Alas, today we’ve allowed the chickens to lead the eagles! We know this when consciences don’t catch fire for noble and just causes. When competence is determined by age, degrees, pedigree, and blind agreement. When activity counts, and not productivity. When self-interest and greed reign supreme. We know chickens are in charge when emotions trump common sense, fears melt courage, and the clamor of ignorant, dysfunctional, and self-seeking vigilantes usurp principled decisions. Tragically, in much of society and church, our deluded chickens convince themselves they’re actually eagles, and parade their clueless, spineless, & erratic leadership as administrative savvy. The audacity of chicken leadership! Where are the eagles? (Jeremiah 5:1; Ezekiel 22:30)—Samuel Koranteng-Pipim


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