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Let’s Talk About LOVE

Love is not overrated. It’s the greatest thing in the world. So let’s talk about love.

“You can’t buy love, but you can pay heavily for it” (Henry Youngman). Therefore know what true love is, and what it’s not.


It’s Not Love…
When it seeks its own way
Turns your dear ones away
And leads you farther astray

It’s Not Love…
When your kiss it seduces to sip
Then bites and wounds your soul’s lip
Scarring your life with a guilt trip

It’s Not Love…
When it trifles with your soft heart
And piece by piece tears it apart
To be discarded in its laundry cart

It’s Not Love…
When lust is its prize to obtain
But having won, treats you with disdain
Then dumps you into a grave of pain

It’s Not Love…
When your life is marked with shame
Your burning faith, now a smothering flame
And your spirit is grief and blame


I’m Sure It’s love…
Not because of its shining hair
Nor the skin smooth and fair
But for its character so rare

I’m Sure It’s love…
‘Cause its worth is more than Ghana’s gold
Its strength far exceeds Samson’s hold
Its wisdom beyond what Sol’mon told

I’m Sure It’s love…
‘Cause in the years that have gone
Despite grinding trials it has borne
Its luster of patience has brightly shone

I’m Sure It’s love…
‘Cause for each day of affection
There’s ample time for reflection
About God’s plans and direction

I’m Sure It’s love…
For when to paths of death I stray
It calls me back to God’s strait way
And walks with me to His home to stay

Love is not the feeling you feel, which you’ve never felt before the feeling you now feel. Love is a Person—and a Gift.

Love is that special Person
Who is beyond comparison,
And is the joy of every season.

None can live without Love
It’s the cure for hearts that starve
A Personal gift from our Father above
For “God is love”
(1 John 4:8, 16)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or as we say in Ghana, Happy Chocolate Day!—Samuel Koranteng-Pipim


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