Core Values

EAGLESonline is a Bible-based, life-transforming, and efficient network that seeks to train and empower students, young professionals, institutions, and organizations to become agents of positive, social and spiritual change. Our ultimate mission is to add value to peoples’ lives, by contributing to their wellbeing and worth. (EAGLES is an acronym for Empowerment & Advisory Group for Leadership, Excellence, & Service).

In seeking to add value to the lives of individuals, EAGLESonline is committed to the following ideals:

1. Mission Statement: Change Your World, By Being Changed

The Mission Statement captures the purpose of EAGLESonline. Without a mission in life, there is no direction. The lack of purpose is the reason why many are dragged on in the swift current of life’s changing codes and mores. Pushed by performance and lured by ambitions, rather than driven by their mission or purpose in life, millions live and die without knowing what they lived for.

At EAGLESonline, we believe in the growth that signals change. Our goal is to leave the world better than we met it and we begin with change in the individual that focuses on change beyond that individual to the wider sphere of influence.  We take this very seriously and remind even ourselves to “Change Your World, By Being Changed.”

2. Philosophy:  Excellence Now!

Excellence is distinction, and mediocrity is extinction. Whereas the former is hopeful and a blessing, the latter is baneful and a curse. Unfortunately, mediocrity has become the norm in our world today. It afflicts the old and young, male and female, individuals and corporate bodies. It impeaches the best that is possible in every man and robs the world of the vast human resources it relies on to keep it moving efficiently. At EAGLESonline, we believe that it doesn’t have to be so.

As a Bible-based, life-transforming and efficient network, our philosophy is rooted in a strong connection with the excellent Creator of the world we seek to change.  We therefore strive for excellence in our mindset, words and activities. And we know that our mission is achievable with this outlook of excellence, not tomorrow, not next year, but now. For us, it is simply “Excellence Now” or never.

3. Methodology:  Simplicity & Commitment

At EAGLESonline, we believe that changing the world begins with simple ideas that are  nurtured by strong dedication, and achieved with enduring commitment that overcomes obstacles.  This is why we have adopted simplicity and commitment as the two pillars undergirding the method through which we will accomplish our mission.

Our principles are simple, but not simplistic, and we remain committed to the cause for which we exist. We believe that little efforts can achieve big results, evidenced by lives that become changed for the better, including ours.

4. Mindset: Think & Act

Those who change their worlds are people who think differently and act differently. The three core values of EAGLESonline–our Mission, Philosophy and Methodology–are designed to produce a “think & act” mindset that can be stated by the principles:

Think Globally, Act Locally;

Think Tomorrow, Act Now;

Think Solutions, Be the Answer.

Motto:      “Be an EAGLE, Not a Chicken!”

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