Our Organization

EAGLESonline is a Bible-based, life-transforming, and efficient network that seeks to train and empower students, young professionals, institutions, and organizations to become agents of positive, social change. Its mission is to add value to peoples’ lives.

(EAGLES is an acronym for Empowerment & Advisory Group for Leadership, Excellence, & Service).

EAGLESonlineĀ is an umbrella organization for two centers of leadership development–the EAGLES Center and the ANANSE Center.

The EAGLES Center for Leadership Development is one of the subsidiaries of EAGLESonline and was set up to help individuals to appreciate their role in changing the course of the world for better. It focuses on individual change because we believe it is the basis of any meaningful or positive transformational change in society–groups, institutions, nations, continents, and the globe. Its empowerment resources, activities, and programs are implemented to bring out the best that is inherent in every person. This it achieves through time-tested and unparalleled Biblical principles, which form the core basis of all its principles and teachings.

The ANANSE Center is another subsidiary of EAGLESonline and is focused on training, mentorship, and internship programs on the continent of Africa. It utilizes more of hands-on training and empowerment techniques that address specific problems in that region.

ANANSE, a Ghanaian word for spider, is an acronym forĀ African Network & Advisory for Needed Services & Excellence. Used in Ghanaian folk stories, Ananse (spider) is employed as a didactic tool to emphasize wisdom, practical skills, wit, and innovative solutions.