Founder & Executive Director| Samuel Koranteng Pipim

The EAGLESonline organization was inspired by the personal vision, leadership, and drive of one notable person:


(Founder and Executive Director)

Samuel Koranteng Pipim, PhD—a US-based Ghanaian author, inspirational speaker, leadership trainer, and advocate for youth empowerment—was trained in engineering and systematic theology. He promotes excellence and “mind liberation” as the basis of transformational change. Dr. Pipim is a provocative and inspirational writer, having authored and co-authored some twenty-five books. They include his bestselling works Patience in the Midst of Trials and Afflictions, Healed Wounds but Ugly Scars, Not for Sale, Six More Chances, and Hope Through the Dark. He has spoken extensively around the world at events for youth, students, young professionals, and civic leaders. His public Bible lectures on a wide variety of subjects are presented in a winsome, dynamic, and crystal clear way that engages both the hearts and minds of his audiences, whether secular or religious. For 12 years, he served as a Director of Public Campus Ministries, ministering to students, faculty, and staff at The University of Michigan. In that role, he grandfathered and mentored influential grassroots youth and young adult organizations around the world. He currently directs the EAGLES and ANANSE Centers for Leadership Development.  Besides his “Africa Must Think” lectures, Dr. Pipim regularly conducts transformative leadership trainings for different professional, civic, educational, and religious groups. He also serves as a special consultant on Bible projects for Remnant Publications. Dr. Pipim’s well-received books on Africa are: The Transformed Mind, Africa Must Think, The African Giant, and Stand Up & Be Counted.  Every week, he publishes one-paragraph inspirational thought-nuggets that are accessed by thousands around the world. His latest works are: Read the Book and Sure Promises.

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