Crying In Our Shells

After a series of tragedies in the animal kingdom, a delegation of credentialed mourners went to the tortoise with a query. Led by the elephant, giraffe, gorilla, dog, cat, goose, and dolphin, they asked: “How come we never see you cry?” The tortoise replied calmly: “I do. In fact, I shed tears frequently. But I always cry in my shell.” Some pains are too deep to be expressed publicly. We can only withdraw to the shells of our closets to cry, and cry out to the Lord. Are you currently in anguish, grieving or mourning in silence? God who feels your pain will be with you in your shell, to comfort and wipe away the tears (Revelation 21:4). You WILL emerge from your shell, to give your own brief on grief.—Samuel Koranteng-Pipim


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