Facebook or Facehook? (Mind Liberation #1)

[NOTE: “Mind Liberation” is a concept I extract from the biblical imperative to have a new mind–“the mind of Christ.” When our old mind-sets are replaced by the “mind of Christ,” we shall display Christ’s life of excellence, humility and service. The “Mind Liberation Nuggets” are special nuggets for each DAY of the Black History month in the USA and Canada. They are numbered from #1 to #28, corresponding to each day of February.

The rhymed poem below—“Facebook or Facehook?”—is the first in this Black History month’s special series, and it is intended to correct the culture of willful illiteracy and mediocrity that is currently rife within our ranks.—SKP]

Facebook or Facehook?

I’ve not been enthusiastic of pages such as facebook,
It’s all b’cause I am wary and do not want a facehook.
I’ve missed so many events, now trying to get some news
Some I find are good, with some I’ve blown my fuse.

I’m simply flabbergasted at the changes I’ve found
In the kinds of info that’s freely tossed around.
Everything from novel, breaking news, and gossip,
To slander, profanity, and even crazy worship.

So, now that I’m online and plan to stay on there
Inbox personal questions you don’t publicly share
I want my page to challenge, inspire, and encourage,
Not serve as a refuge for mediocres to discourage.

I don’t see myself posting on every passing lizard
And plan to leave alone such news as chicken’s gizzard
Ants might be attractive, but I’ll focus on their lessons
And leave my other accounts to recording life’s blessings.

If you want to know what breakfast was or lunch,
Be present at my table to savor every crunch.
You don’t have to like any comment or post
You either add true meaning, or operate as a ghost.

Here’s the standard that’ll keep all from depression:
Socrates’ triple-filter of words we intend for expression.
First, is it the truth? Then, is it good ‘bout another to publicly share?
And third, will it be useful to someone else that’ll hear?

If then your words are not true, or good, or at all useful,
Why plan to share them online as though they are purposeful?
Kindly keep them locked up within your own heart’s cage,
Buried deep within, not spewed on any page!

I see that we can share a lot that’ll make us grow,
From that which we already, or will still come to know.
Why not let’s keep the fickle for little minds to feast on
While we share real stuff that’s instructive and fun!

Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

February 2013

NOTE: With the exception of the above poem, all other “mind liberation” nuggets will be adapted from our book The Transformed Mind: Changing the World by Being Changed (http://bit.ly/10Zf0i8). In three chapters of that book—namely, the chapters titled “Be Out of Your Mind,” “The Transformed Mind,” & “Mind Liberation”—I have fully explained the concept of “mind liberation.” EAGLESonline grants permission to share the “Mind Liberation” nuggets, provided the author and EAGLESonline (www.EAGLESonline) are acknowledged as the source.

© Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, PhD, is a US-based Ghanaian author, inspirational speaker, leadership trainer, and advocate for youth empowerment. He is the Founder and Director of EAGLESoline (www.EAGLESonline.org). Feel free to share, acknowledging the author and EAGLESonline as the source.

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