Go Higher

Don’t be satisfied with aiming high. Go HIGHER. For, in the words of E.G. White, “higher than the highest human thought can reach is God’s ideal for His children.” There’s never a period when there is no more to learn and no higher attainments to reach. Going HIGHER means—don’t just grow, bloom; don’t just hear, listen; don’t just think, ponder; don’t just speak, communicate; don’t just give, sacrifice; don’t just be patient, be kind; don’t just forgive, forget; don’t just live, live for Christ. Grow—“from faith to faith,” “from glory to glory” and “day by day” (Romans 1:16, 17; 2 Corinthians3:18; 4:16;). Press on the upward way, gain new heights everyday, and plant your feet on HIGHER ground. —Samuel Koranteng-Pipim


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