Obedience Delayed

“Often, our problem is not an unwillingness to perform a known duty. Rather, it’s a reluctance at PROMPT obedience. But on Wall Street, an hour’s delay in selling or buying can be expensive, and in a 100m race, a one second delay can be costly. In the spiritual realm, obedience delayed is disobedience. It’s sin. Therefore, a continued postponement of a known duty is living in sin. Since deferred obedience is disobedience, don’t put off the apology, the thank you, Bible study, Sabbath observance, baptism, or some other duty. True obedience respects the time of the duty just as much as any other part of it. Delay no longer!”—Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

Meditation on Psalm 119:60; Acts 24:25.

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