“Putting things off till last minute is the womb from which Procrastination is born. Its first words are ‘later’ and ‘not now.’ Procrastination is not lazy, incapable, or disobedient. It simply postpones what needs to be done to another day of the week called ‘Someday.’ Procrastination’s busiest day is tomorrow—the day it makes major decisions, accomplishes great things, and effects important changes in its personal life. Though we’re in love with Procrastination, the relationship can ruin our dreams, opportunities, and destiny. Let’s de-friend Procrastination by befriending Today—Now!”—Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

Meditation on Proverbs 6:6-11; 12:27: 13:4; 20:4; Luke 9:59-62; Acts 24:24, 25.

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