Senseless Violence

Violence is real and, far too often, absurd: Abel—slain because his brother’s gift was not accepted. Naboth—stoned because a greedy king wanted his vineyard. Zechariah—executed in the temple because King Joash was ungrateful. Uriah—set up and killed because David wanted to cover up his adulterous pregnancy. John the Baptist—beheaded, because of Herodias’ grudge & Herod’s drunken oath. Stephen—stoned for testifying of Christ. Every episode of senseless violence—the Holocaust, genocides, racial lynchings, hate murders, terrorist attacks, war crimes, etc.—screams out for vengeance or justice. But Calvary whispers: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they’re doing” (Luke 23:34).—Samuel Koranteng-Pipim


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