The Excellence of Grace

The thirst for vengeance should never be mistaken as a quest for justice. Nor should the verdict of justice ever transcend the excellence of mercy and grace. A father’s only son had been brutally murdered. Vengeance hunts down the murderer and kills him. Justice gets the murderer arrested, tried, convicted, and executed. Mercy pleads with the Judge and the murderer’s life is spared. But Grace petitions the Judge for murderer’s custody, adopts him as his own son, takes him home, loves him, and lives with him forever! Through Christ, “the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men” (Titus 2:11; cf. Romans 5:10; John 1:16, 17). Vengeance is incited by the evidence; Justice weighs the evidence; Mercy overlooks the evidence; but Grace IS the evidence. In our hurts, let’s always be moved by the excellence of grace.—Samuel Koranteng-Pipim


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