The Gospel of Gossip

“’I’m very troubled about so and so. I’m confiding in you so you’ll join me pray and work for their salvation.’ The Gospel of Gossip is the only gospel preached behind closed doors. It tells of your faults and failings behind your back. While pretending your soul’s concern, the purveyors actually seek to look better by making you look bad. Preachers, listeners, and believers in this hearsay gospel risk their own salvation because it distorts truth, ruins reputations, destroys friendships, and splits homes and churches. People ‘talk behind your back’ because they’re steps behind you. Pray for them!”–Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

Meditation on Prov 16:28; 17:9; 18:8; 20:19; 26:20-22; Rom 1:28-32; Matt 18:15-17.

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