Unmerry Christmas

If you think Christmas is all jingle bells, jollity, and unwrapping gifts…think again! To millions around the world, the festive season is full of pain, tears, and disillusionment. Thankfully, the Biblical accounts of Christ’s birth speak forcefully to the harsh realities of life, and even to the ubiquitous headline news: The massacre of the innocent (whether by sword, bullet, bombs, or suicide bombers), the floods of refugees seeking asylum in other countries, the plight of the homeless, the dilemma of couples contemplating breakups or divorce, the challenge of teenage pregnancies and adoption, and the struggles with poverty and guilt (Matthew 1:18-2:23; Luke 1& 2; Isaiah 9:6, 7). Christ’s birth whispers hope to the disheartened, for Jesus identifies with all for whom Christmas is UNMERRY. Unto us a Son is given: Counselor, Prince of Peace, Savior, and Emmanuel.—Samuel Koranteng-Pipim.


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